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Betting Sports Odds

Sportsboook Abbreviations

Have abbreviations like MLB, NHL and PGA thrown you off-guard? Here is where you can rectify that. Our extensive sports betting glossary takes you through the special terminology that is representative of sports like basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis and boxing.

- Parlay bet (Making simultaneous selections on 2 or more games. All selections must win for you to win the accumulator)

Ace - A tennis serve that the opponent cannot return

Action - Bet

Address - Position taken by a golf player prior to hitting a shot

Advantage - A player scoring the first point after deuce gets the advantage. The advantage is that if he wins the next point, he wins the game.

Ante post - Futures bet (bet placed in advance predicting the outcome of an event to be held later)

APSL - American Professional Soccer League

Australasian tour - Professional golf circuit for players in Australia and Asia

Ball boy/ Ball girl - A youngster who retrieves balls and keeps the tennis court clear when a match is in session.

Bankroll - A player's total available betting money

Baseline - A line at the end of the tennis court running parallel to the net marking out the boundary of the playing area.

Bases - Baseball

Beef - A dispute with a bookmaker regarding the accuracy of a wager

Betting exchange - 2 persons can bet on anything they wish at whatever odds they decide on. The winner pays a commission to the sports book

Board - List of bets available with a sports book

Bonus hustler - A person who is just out to collect the bonus and has no intention of gambling.

Bookie - The person or organization that sets the betting lines and accepts sports bets. Used in slang and more often than not has a note of illegality about it.

Bottom - The second half of a baseball innings

Bout - A boxing match between 2 players consisting of 4 two-minute rounds and a minute's break between them.

Blast - A golf shot hit from a bunker and which displaces a large amount of sand

Bundesliga - The professional German Soccer League

Caution - A warning to a boxer from a referee

Circled - A game is said to be circled when the maximum bet on that game is lower than normal.

Commissioner - President of NBA

Cover - Winning by more than the point spread

Defense - A soccer team's function of preventing the opposition from scoring

Deuce - When both tennis players are tied at 40 each, the score is called deuce.

Dog - The Underdog in the sports bet

Double bet - Betting with twice the normal wager

Double header - When 2 baseball games are played in immediate succession

Down - A boxer is considered "down" if he touches the floor with anything other than his feet or if they go outside the ropes from a blow.

European Tour - Professional golf circuit for players in Europe

Even money - Bets where the odds are 1-1

Exotic bet - A bet other than a straight bet or parlay

Fairway - Closely mown area on the golf course

Fault - An invalid tennis serve attempt

Favorite - The team that is most likely to win.

Feint - A fake boxing punch to induce the opponent to open up into a vulnerable position

Foul - An infringement of boxing rules

Future bet/Futures - A bet accepted well in advance of the sports event

GHIN - Golf Handicap Information Network

Golf course - The entire area where a game/round of golf is played

Grand Slam - Combination of the Australian, French and U.S. Open tournaments and the Wimbledon

Handicapper - A person who analyzes the game and places the odds

Hang Cheng - The Asian equivalent for the point spread

Hedging - Placing a bet opposite to the original bet so as to reduce the action a bettor has on a sports event

Home team - The team on whose field the game is played

Hoops - Basketball

Home field advantage - The advantage or edge that a home team might have on account of familiarity with the field and on account of fan support

Home green - The 18th green or any other that is designated to be the last to be played

Hot game - A game that has significant betting action on 1 side by handicappers and odds makers

'If' bet - This kind of bet links 2 or more individual wagers. It instructs the sports book to place a second bet 'if' the first bet wins

In-fighting - Boxing at close range

Juice - Bookmaker's commission (Vigorish)

Line - The expression of odds on a game

Lines maker - Originator of the betting line

Love game- A game in which the loser did not score any points

Match - Traditionally, 5 sets make a men's tennis match while 3 sets make a women's tennis match. A set consists of games.

MLB - Major League Baseball

MLS - Major League Soccer

Money line - The odds expressed in money terms

MVP - Most Valuable Player

NBA - National Basketball Association

NCAA - National Collegiate Athletic Association

Neutral Corner - One of two corners that are not assigned to either boxer.

Newbie - A rookie or novice to the big bad world of gambling

NFL - National Football League

NHL - National Hockey League

Odds maker - Lines maker

Off the board - A game for which no bets are accepted

Open - A golf tournament that is open for participation by professionals and amateurs

Overlay - When the odds of a given proposition are more in favor of the bettor than the house.

Parlay - A type of bet with 2 or more teams where all the teams must win in order for the wager to be successful

PGA - Professional Golfers Association

Pick - A bet recommended by a handicapper

Pitcher - The baseball player who is designated to pitch the ball to the batter

Point spread - This is a handicapping number that is used to even the odds between 2 teams in a sports event.

Power ratings - The numbers assigned by handicappers to a team that indicates how likely it is that the team will beat the opponent and the margin of win.

Price - Point spread

Round Robin - A form of parlay where wagering is done with different team combinations

Sand trap - A bunker filled with sand (slang term)

Spread betting - Here, your wins and losses can be large. The bet depends on how right or wrong your prediction of the result of an event will be.

Stake - The amount of money that is bet

Straight Bet - A bet on 1 team

Teaser - A single bet with multiple wagers linked together. The point spread for each wager can be adjusted.

Tee - The wooden/plastic apparatus on which a golf ball is placed before the first shot is played

Top - The first half of a baseball innings

Tote betting - Combining all bets for a given event into a pool. The pool is then divided among winning bettors after deducting the house fees.

Total - The number set by a sports book as the total points to be scored by both teams during a match.

Underdog - The team that is not favored to win.

USSF - United States Soccer Federation

Value - Best available odds on a betting proposition

Vigorish - The commission that the bookmaker or sportsbook receives.